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iPhone is too cool for SD cards
December 18, 2007, 10:08 am
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I mean seriously, you can buy a nokia for 50$ and have an SD slot to be able to sync fast and carry all the music you want, maybe some day expand the memory but nope, the iPhone is smarter and cooler than us so SD is of no interest to it. Here’s my take on it:

iphone2.png <<< click here to make the image bigger


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who cares? the Iphone is awesome!

Comment by Cartann

well, for one it sucks that it’s not 3G. also, it sucks cause it’s basically a PDA but lacks some key functionality such as what I feel is very important, the memory card slot, which has got me out of a lot of crap with forgetting cables and such.

but again, thks for the comment, and i’m just joking after all, I’m glad you like your iphone. me, i like my fsc n560 and my chocholate 3g 🙂

Comment by eydryan

Form vs. function. I would rather have a smaller PDA w/o a SD card slot than a larger with. I’m sure the 2-3 million sales would agree with me. Also, watch the video of the supposed HUGE bandwidth difference between EDGE and 3G. On YouTube, between an IPhone on EDGE and N95 on 3G. What good is a faster network when your phone is the bottleneck? GG

Comment by Foss

if you ask me, i’d rather have both. and function is most important to me when buying such a thing or otherwise i’d just buy the slimmest phone and the slimmest pda and the slimmest mp3 player. Look at the fujitsu-siemens n560 i have: it’s thinner than the iphone and has a sd-slot. and considering the minuscule miniSD cards these days (which i have in my LG) it’s not understandable how you can’t fit one in there. it’s more about the fact that apple is like the guy who knows best and locks its customers into only using itunes and not being able to share the contents of their devices.

as for 3g and edge, i’ve used both and trust me, 3g is lightning fast… i use google maps mobile and it moves like on my home connection. also, you know not to trust youtube. as for the n95, it’s not the only device in the class, check out the samsung 700 something. google it.

anyway, thanks a lot for your opinion, i guess you are right, the iphone being this fashion device rather than a feature-packed pocket pc thing, but do check out the fsc nb560 if you have a chance. oh yeah, and the iphone has no gps 😦

Comment by eydryan

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