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To all the Apple fanboys, with love
December 15, 2007, 7:48 pm
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I hate it how all these guys worship Steve Jobs and he just doesn’t give a crap about them… Which is why I feel it’s necessary to post this, maybe you’ll find it funny enough to forward it to your mac lovin friends. And please, comment.

isuck    <<< click on the image to make it bigger

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Easy, be happy! Buy one Ipod Touch like I did. Life will be sooo
much fun! 🙂 Don’t hate me, I just think Steve is a nice guy, but I really love my Imac,Ipods… 6 mac 3 Ipods never saw one of them in the going to a repair shop in 12 years.

Comment by paulo

“I just think Steve is a nice guy”

Actually you think that because you like y our ipod, and it’s easier to think that about Jobs rather than know the truth that he doesn’t give a shi_t about anyone. Also his stuff is overpriced. 95% chance your parents bought you your ipod too. But if you wasted your cash, someone elses parents did.

Comment by wooosh

thanks for the comment paulo, and next time try not to double post, ok? 🙂

hey, no hard feelings here, i posted this especially cause i’m happy and want to make fun of this whole apple thing (especially the iphone incident). and an ipod touch is really crazy, for that money i can get a pocketpc and skin it like the iphone and voila.

but anyway, thinking of the ibook, i can’t stop to think that people went and spent 200$ extra on a laptop just to have it in black.

Comment by eydryan

iAgree. LOL I think it’s amusing how Apple claims that Mac is somehow better than PC, only taking into account the crappy Windows machines, while ignoring Linux distros. In all fairness, most of the problems that Apple claims make PCs inferior are absent in Linux machines (i.e viruses, slow processing speed, etc). Furthermore, Apple machines only run proprietary software which must be purchased from Apple–meaning they can charge however much they want. My PC (running openSUSE) is fast, virus-free, plays plenty of badass games (yes, there are plenty of games available on Linux), and best of all–IT’S FREE. Beat that, Mac.

Comment by TriXen

Apple fucking sucks balls not so long ago I bought a idipshit touch and I have had nothing but trouble from it eats me up the way they pride themselvs with pieces of shit like this

Comment by York rubin

Damn right. I’m a Debian/ClusterKnoppix dude myself. Plus, WINE runs most windows applications now(Including several DirectX 10.1 Applications), and is incredibly easy to use today compared to just 2 years ago(Shell: [wine “path to installer”]). If linux, and to a degree, it’s users, weren’t perceived as so threatening and difficult, it would be popularly adopted. Heck, if you didn’t have to install it on a machine most people aren’t 100% comfortable with that cost them a bunch of money, it would have a market share. Unfortunately, those are two pretty difficult and threatening issues that open sourcers, as great as they are at fixing pretty much anything else, can’t seem to get past.

I understand the Mac user and his desire for a secure, easy to use machine. I understand the reaction of the people who believe they are vastly superior, because they had to wait until the security-through-obscurity broke down to realize how terribly they were being duped, and I can even understand Steve Job’s stance, because most of them haven’t realized it yet(and he’s laughing all the way to the overseas bank).

Comment by Ambrose

Really funny parody. We have the Windows swastika and now this. LOL.

Comment by Alex

i loved my i pod (3 of them) until i got the 160 g. nothing but problems. sent it back to apple twice. all i can say is that even though they say they are sending me a new one, i will never buy another one. over the past 3-4 years i have spent 50-75$ on itunes every month! NOT ONE MORE CENT WILL I GIVE THEM.

Comment by david myers

yeah david i know what you mean. what bothers me with apple stuff is that you can never do what you want… you just get these process blocks that prevent you from using a very expensive tool like it should be used.

for example with an iPhone I couldn’t send photos via bluetooth. could not be done. and that’s really dumb since I’ve got a Polaroid Pogo printer that can do that.

never had that kind of issue with either my Nokia E51 or my 5230.

Comment by eydryan

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